Automate Model Deployment to Any Hardware

Learn how to leverage DevOps to automate the deployment of your machine learning models.

OctoML's white paper cover - DevOps Agility for Machine Learning Deployments

AI/ML development in your hands

Learn how to build smarter applications, faster. Organizations should rethink their ML workflows with a DevOps mindset using agile practices.

The OctoML Platform enables app developers and IT operations to transform trained ML models into agile, portable (to any hardware), reliable software functions that easily integrate with their existing application stack and DevOps workflow. This DevOps-inclusive approach eliminates redundancy by unifying two parallel deployment streams—one for AI and the other for traditional software.

Here are ways to get started:

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    When you are ready to go a step further, the OctoML Platform accelerates and optimizes your models.

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Automation and acceleration to scale your models

Deploy ML models to production in hours – not weeks. Transform models into intelligent software functions that can be deployed to your app stack, in your environment, by your team.

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